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7113.jpg (15487 bytes)Change orders from contractors drive mycosts up (and drive me crazy).
Tuffwall knows the pitfalls of the construction business,so I never get change orders when this firm does the engineering.
7050.jpg (21683 bytes)I always learn something fromTuffwall's plans.
He keeps up to date, and he uses his knowledge to make plans for cost-effective construction. I take what I learn to other jobs and increase my profit there too. 
7314.jpg (16873 bytes)Tuffwall appreciates architecture, so he finds a way to build my designs. If there is a cost tradeoff, this firm gives me the data I may not have--so I can choose the best solution.
When a job present a real engineering challenge, these are the people I contact.
7250.jpg (14666 bytes)We hate Tuffwall and we love him.
When we get a plan from this firm, we know we're not going to write any change orders. So we don't make money on change orders. But the plans are so precise, we profit from the efficiency and precise timing.
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